"25% of American adults are already using some sort of wet cleansing method on a daily basis . . ." (market analysis 2008)

In 2008, Tissue Spritz creator and founder, Tom Ladue, brought Tissue Spritz to the market in response to the soaring popularity of wet (baby) wipes.  The wipe market was gaining traction with adults who were seeking a moist cleansing option. 


Wet wipes certainly solved the problem of the inefficiency of dry toilet paper; however Tom recognized the risks associated with wipes’ harsh chemicals as well as wipes’ negative environmental and waste system impacts. 


Tissue Spritz was developed to meet personal cleansing needs in a sophisticated, effective, responsible and efficient manner. 


Tissue Spritz is available in three forms:  Spray, Foam and Gel.


The Tissue Spritz product line includes:

  • Basic spritz bottle designed for individual consumer home use
  • Smaller Travel-sized, air travel compliant spritz
  • Counter-top foam dispenser
  • Commercial in-stall spritz, foam or gel dispenser
  • Refills for spritz, foam or gel dispensers
  • Customized delivery systems and refill options

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